Living in today

In childhood we often say “I can’t wait to be a grown up and do what I want” in our teenage years we say “I’m going to move out as soon as I can and go to so and so college” when we are in college we plan for our careers years in advance.

We constantly live in the future. Giving no thought to what is happening in the NOW. What is happening TODAY…this very minute.

We are a society who has placed so much emphasis on success based upon money and what our careers will
Be we often forget the good things going on in our lives now, and what God wants us to focus on NOW.

Matthew 6:34 tells us very clearly to not worry about the future “therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

James 4:13 is another scripture which talks about worrying about our futures. Please read this one.

I am so guilty of worrying about what I will be doing in the future. What job I will have, how many kids I’ll have, what my house will look like etc. this blog is not only for you but definitely for me!

I am praying this: dear Lord, help me
To focus on your plan for my life TODAY. What do you want me
To do NOW. Help me to trust in you fully. Not my will, but yours father.

We aren’t on this planet for long. God compares our lives to mist…it is here for an instant. Why worry about something far ahead when we are only here such a short time? Kind of puts it into perspective for me!

Let’s focus on NOW people. Who can I reach for Jesus TODAY?


A woman rejected

As I’m sitting in church listening to our wonderful pastor speak on John 4…I got this amazing urge to write in my blog. So incredibly strong that I felt I needed to do it NOW.

This blog is for you women who have felt rejected in your relationships with people. Wether it be a man or a friend or even a family member. We have all felt rejected. Are you living in turmoil from this rejection? You don’t have to!!!!

In John 4 there is a woman (her name is not mentioned) who has been married 5 times and is currently living with the 6th man who is not her husband. In each relationship she was rejected in some
way. Therefore, she kept going to
Men to find fulfillment. And each time she was rejected.

Each day she went to the well at 12pm to fill her water container. She was so ashamed of her life and the rejection she experienced that she went to the watering hole when no one else was there…she felt THAT unworthy. Jesus looked upon this woman and asked her
For a drink. Not only was our KING speaking to her but he wanted to
Drink after her. She felt so unworthy. She felt she didn’t deserve this treatment. But Jesus began telling her about water. He explained that if she drank the living water she would thirst no more. He wanted a relationship with her. He wanted her for eternity. She is his daughter…his princess.

No matter how unworthy you may feel. Or how many times you have been rejected. You are SO worthy! You are worthy of eternity in Gods kingdom! He has made you worthy!! You are a beautiful creature. Please never forget this. Drink of the “living water”. HE will never reject you.

Finding our Identity in CHRIST and CHRIST alone!!!!

Before reading this blog I want you to answer a few short questions for me. Be completely honest as you answer them.

1. Do I feel confident In Jesus alone or do I need someone/something else to help me feel secure?

2. Do I need to be in a relationship at all times with someone?

3. Even if someone hurts you over and over again are you the type of person to continually “take them back” because you feel you “need” them?


Four years ago I would have answered 1. “I need other people/things to help me feel confident.” 2.”Yes, I need to be in a relationship” And 3. “Yes, I always take them back”. In high school Ben and I dated off and on, and off and on and off and on…need I continue? =) Both of us found our identities in one another. I said I was a Christian and I said I only needed Jesus…but in reality I was lying to myself. It wasn’t until my senior year when Ben and I broke up and my world was completely shattered. Ben had basically “moved on” at the time and I was still wrapped up in him. I found myself texting him daily, trying to call him always thinking about what he was doing, who he was with. I felt completely EMPTY without him. I literally felt like no one. I thought that without Ben I was absolutely nothing. This was my OWN fault. I found my identity in Ben and now I didn’t have Ben. So…who was I? I knew something needed to be done. I couldn’t sit around moping anymore. It was time that my broken shattered life be put back together by JESUS, NOT a relationship. During this time I sought Jesus out with my whole heart. I wanted to be identified through Jesus Christ alone. I didn’t want to be identified by any man, person, or thing…ONLY Jesus. This was the BEST decision of my life.

After I sought Jesus out whole heart-idly he began showing things to me that I never saw before. I was my OWN person identified through Christ. Ben was doing the same thing and God obviously brought us back together because it was a part of his plan! However, Ben and I both know that our identity is in Christ. Not one another. Something EVERYONE needs to know.

My heart cries out for the women who think they NEED men to feel complete. I see women (and men) chasing after these people who have continually hurt them over and over again because they feel they NEED these people to be someone. Please know that you don’t NEED ANYONE but Jesus Christ!!!  And you might say it’s easy for me to say because I ended up with my love. But I’m going to tell you; honey, I’ve been through the grind…my heart has been shattered and I thought I was going to be single the rest of my life. And it wasn’t until Jesus took over me completely that things started coming together wonderfully. I had no idea what his plan was going to be. NO IDEA!!!

Let Jesus be your everything. Find your identity in HIM and HIM alone. His plan will come together more perfectly then anything you could of even imagined.!


Hey blogger friends! Oh my goodness it has been so long since I have posted anything! My sincerest apologies to you.

A lot has happened the past few months. I mean A LOT!

In late October, I started to feel sort of “weird” I was very tired, thirsty a lot, then had to pee all the time! Sorry for TMI! =) I had never felt this way before, so what was my first instinct? TAKE A PREGNANCY TEST! In my mind I kept thinking….”there is no way I’m pregnant….Ben and I have only been married for two months..and we weren’t trying to conceive” So, Ben and I went to the dollar store and picked up a pregnancy test. We went home…I did my business and BAM a positive pregnancy test! I started to cry and I ran downstairs and showed Ben. Ben didn’t believe it! So, we went to Wal mart and bought 2 more pregnancy tests! We didn’t want to be wrong. We both had so many emotions it was crazy. I have wanted to be a mommy since I was little girl. I always loved children and knew I would have many. We went excitedly over to both of our parent’s house and shared with them the good news. The Grandparents were just as excited as we were! We began talking about the future…we talked about nursery colors and styles and we talked about how short our kid would probably be due to Ben and I’s height disadvantage!…=)

As a woman, whenever you realize you are pregnant you instantly form a sort of bond with your baby. You realize there is a human being developing inside of you and you want to do everything in your will to keep it safe and healthy. I began taking vitamin supplements, I stopped drinking caffeine and I rested a lot! However, this entire time I had an unusual “feeling” a thought of “something isn’t right”. But, I didn’t tell this to anyone because I didn’t want to admit it or accept anything that was negative.

Our first ultrasound was scheduled for a thursday. Ben took off work and we were very excited to hear the baby’s heartbeat. We go to the doctor’s with deep anticipation. I get onto the ultrasound bed and the ultrasound tech (who is wonderful by the way) begins the check. She looks, and looks, and looks and looks and instantly I knew “She knows something is wrong too” She asked us to wait a couple minutes and the doctor would come in to talk to us. That is when we found out that I had miscarried. My heart dropped and Ben turned to me and hugged me and I instantly began to cry in the office. I couldn’t stop crying. All of my thoughts rushed to my head and I just kept crying.

After we had told everyone the news. I had some thinking to do. I felt the need to miscarry naturally so that my body could do things on it’s own and that I’d have peace of mind that the baby truly wasn’t going to make it. I was banking on miscarrying naturally and I DID NOT want to have surgery. So, I waited and waited for my body to clean itself out but nothing was happening. Fear arose inside of me that my body wasn’t going to do this. I went to the doctor and they scheduled me for surgery because my body wasn’t changing like it needed to. My heart was broken again. I wanted it to all be over with. So, I went home and took a bath. In the bath I felt the need to lay hands on my stomach and pray fervently that my body would do this on its own wether there was pain or not. I wanted to do this. I then went to bed and prayed again. I prayed over and over again. A couple of hours later I started cramping really bad. I then realized that my body was miscarrying. We went to the emergency room and found out that EVERYTHING happened naturally. I didn’t need surgery, I didn’t need medicine. NOTHING!

Even though we lost our baby (as many women do) I was able to see Jesus’ hands still at work in my life. He let me know “HEY IM HERE BRITTANY!!” “DO YOU SEE??” He gave me a peace that I’ve never felt before. He brought women into my life who experienced the same things. He was there the entire time…I just had to open my eyes and realize it. I didn’t give up….and neither did he!

Jesus IS faithful. Even in this dark times when you THINK he isn’t there. He really truly is! Just don’t give up on him!! Please!!!

Best friends

Do you have a best friend? That person you can talk to about ANYTHING? The person that can look at you and say “Okay, tell me what’s wrong” without you even saying anything?

I have a few wonderful friends like these.

Have you ever thought about how these friends ARE a blessing from God? This is one of those times where I foolishly overlooked God’s many blessings to me. God is ALWAYS and forever there to listen to you, to answer your prayers, to be your father. And talking to him is the best thing we as humans could ever possibly do. However, God knows as humans that we need fleshly interaction. We NEED contact with humans in order to stay sane. Therefore, God individually made these humans to fit perfectly into our lives. That is, if the person lifts you up and encourages you in your faith! If they are a negative influence…you may want to re think your inks :/.

My best friends have been placed on earth to lift me up in my times of struggle. To tell me that “I can do this” or just a simple “I’m here for you” Best friends are those people who will listen to your problems…Actually listen. They will drop what they’re doing in an instant if they knew you needed them. Most importantly, best friends pray for you. They know the importance of talking to Jesus, and they include you in their prayers because they know he will heal you.

Best friends ARE heaven sent; They are a blessing from God. God sent them here for a reason. To keep us sane, to help us feel love. For an ear to listen, and a shoulder to cry on.

I want to say sorry to my Jesus for over looking best friends as a blessing from HIM. You sent these people here for me. To help me. To love me. I praise you God for these people in my life. Help me to never forget why you gave this people to me.

If you have a best friend…please thank Jesus for them!! And let your friends know that they are TRULY heaven sent.

I love you my friends.


Itty Bitty Satan

Hello dear friends!

As I was asking God today to give me words to speak through my blog, he INSTANTLY said this to me “The enemy has been defeated”. As soon as he spoke this to me, I knew what I had to do. I am going to make fun of satan.

Yes you heard me correctly. Make fun of satan.

Luke 10:19 “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and 
             scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall 
             by any means hurt you.”

That scripture shows that the enemy is defeated. ALREADY! We have complete power through Jesus Christ. satan (no capitals there) is such a feble, unintelligent being. We as humans give him WAY too much credit. We fear him. In proclaiming that we are afraid, we show satan our lack of faith in christ and therefore, letting satan feel as though he has won. Even though satan has already lost, he continues to try, and try, and try to defeat God. Defeat God? That makes me laugh. Satan will pinch you, he will gnaw at you, he will try to scare you, and he will try to win you over. He will come to you in the form of anxiety. He will come to you in the form of fear. He will even come to you through other people (when other people allow satan to work through them). Although we have to be careful of satan’s deceiving ways,We as christians are MUCH smarter then this LITTLE guy.  As soon as we recognize that something is satan’s work. We have already defeated him by counteracting it by loving the Lord and letting God rule our lives.

Another thing we do as humans pertaining to satan….we blame the wrong guy. When someone we love is diagnosed with cancer, when someone we know tries to, or does commit suicide…was ask GOD why? WRONG GUY PEOPLE! The stupid little enemy is behind all these evil doings. God’s will in the beginning was for us to live sin-free lives, experience no death and no evil. When satan got in the way, he ruined this. So, why do we blame God? Some people say “God can stop anything so why doesn’t he stop the evil from happening?” Ever heard of free will? We have it. Maybe if we stopped letting satan get to us, and started recognizing what his “doings” are….things would get a little better for you. If satan hadn’t ruined God’s original plan for us, then there would be no pain like we are experiencing now on earth. We need to be blaming satan. NOT GOD!

satan is NOT bigger than you. GOD is! satan is NOT smarter than you. GOD is! satan definitely did not create us. GOD did. satan loves death, fear, pain and evil. GOD doesn’t! So why are we giving satan credit for things and blaming God? The one who brings goodness, mercy and love to us?

Don’t give satan credit.

Jesus inside of you has already defeated him.

YOU have power over satan.

satan isn’t smart, he tries to be.

Claim victory over the enemy.

blame satan for evil…NOT God!

oh satan is ugly too

The enemy has been defeated. Death couldn’t hold you down. We are gonna lift our voice in victory, we’re gonna make our praises loud.